Why The Paleo Dad?

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Adam Keane


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So, where did paleo dad come from?

The short version?

I’m a Dad and I live a paleo lifestyle. Simple!

I think I may need a longer explanation than that, though!

Well, being honest, I’ve always led a reasonably healthy and active lifestyle. I’ve always played sports and trained, but I was never that guy praying for a bit of sun so I could whip my shirt off! We all know one of them! Rugby was always my passion, but unfortunately, I lacked the skill set needed to reach international standard.

Becoming a father early in life probably kept me more focused on fitness than any vanity path. Like most people, I thought I was eating well. I followed the food pyramid, ate my wholegrain, bread and pasta and went low on fat. I even started weighing food and counting every calorie. Despite all of this, I never felt really good. I was liable to nod off on the couch at 3pm, always felt fatigued and was sick often. I felt a little cheated. This pushed me into studying health and fitness from a new angle. I stumbled across the paleo diet, and it intrigued me so I thought I’d give it a go.

Pretty soon I felt a lot better, and I was inspired to dig deeper into the whole paleo approach as a lifestyle. Over time, I made more changes and when my wife Natasha noticed how great I was feeling, she jumped on board to try it herself. She dropped 2 stone with no huge amounts of effort so needless to say she was sold on the idea. Eating and living paleo became our way of life, and our kids are being dragged along too.

I was doing all this myself quietly at home while working away in a good job helping adults with learning disabilities. I enjoyed the job, but I knew it wasn’t my passion. After a few deep conversations with a good friend, I decided I wanted to bring these benefits to more people. After LOTS of study, research and learning (which I continue to do every day) I packed in my job and started Unlimited Fitness.

This is the journey I am on, and I am extremely lucky to have a community of amazing people around me every day.

But I’m gonna be honest. I’m not 100% paleo. What’s more, I expect no one to be 100%. In an ideal world, yes, it would be great.

It would be amazing if everyone were fully paleo.

In our world of parties, events, convenience foods, and clever marketing, being 100% paleo would be a massive undertaking. Plus, those who know me would be fully aware I could never give up my occasional pizza! Cavemen had pizza, right?

That’s why I’ve adopted what I call “Practical  Paleo”.

It’s a hybrid of “Perfect paleo” and our modern world of convenience.

It is based on our  “4 Pillars” of sleep, nutrition and stress and working on those to build the best quality of life for you. It’s all about putting practical paleo principals into our modern lives

My goal is to help as many people as possible to improve the quality of their lives with the “4 Pillars” and do so in an enjoyable and sustainable way.


Just remember to enjoy the journey!

Have a question? Call me on 087 9138602 and I’ll be happy to answer any of your queries